"Foothills is awesome ! I cannot express how pleased I am with them. As a landlord, nothing matters more than dependable, consistent, fast and excellent service. Maranda, Brittany and the team have always been extremely professional, very responsive and just a real pleasure to work with. They always find super high quality tenants so it's clear that they do superior work for both landlords AND tenants. I would never consider working with anyone else."
- Carlos Perez 11/2019

"Brittany was very helpful in finding me my new home. Would recommend. Process was simple and straightforward."
- M. Chapman 1/2020

"I am a property owner and turned my first rental property over to Foothills Property Management. It has been a wonderful experience working with Miranda and all her staff, they are very professional, trustworthy and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. There was a very quick response to any repairs that were needed and the contractors they use do great work. They found and screened a great tenant and I could not have been more pleased with them and the tenant. I plan on investing in more rental properties and will most definitely be using them in them more in the future."
- Colby Osoborne 2/2020

"I had to find a new home rental in a matter of days. I was moving from Atlanta and only had two actual days to house shop. Brittany held me and my wife's hand throughout the process and got us our new home keys in record time. When issues arose, Brittany was consistently there to keep us on track and work through the problems on our behalf. I can't recommend the company enough if you're seeking affordable rental housing in the Anderson area."
- Mark Davis

"I am a landlord, and I could not have been more pleased with this company. They do a great job of looking out for both parties to a lease agreement. As someone who has had experience with both of the leading property management companies in Anderson, my strong recommendation would be to do business with this company. A+"
- Matthew Heider

"I had no problems with this management team in my 2 years living there. When things needed to get fixed; a repair person was sent the next day or two. The ladies in the front were always accommodating and friendly when I went to the office. I move around a lot and this was one of the better property managements I've dealt with. Professionalism begats professionalism."
- M. Hunter

"I have been with over 5 different rental companies and they are the best, and they do their job very well…"
- Wayne Turner