1. Application Requirements:
    1. Anyone who is 18 or older MUST submit an application and pay a non-refundable application fee ($50).
    2. Pets are case by case and should be approved before applying. Refer to Pet Policy. Must complete Pet Screening and application and submit a photo and updated vet records of all pets.
    3. Pet FEE- one time, nonrefundable $100 per pet. Plus, pet rent and the amount depends on the pet screening score.
    4. ALL applicants must complete a profile at https://foothillspm.petscreening.com, regardless of if they have a pet or not. There is no charge for no pet and/or ADA/ESA assistance animals. If you have pets there is a $20 fee for the first application and $15 for each pet after that.
    5. Must submit a copy of valid identification. State ID/DL no passports or military IDs. (unless a passport is your only form of ID)
    6. Must submit copies of the most recent month’s (30 day cylcle) payroll stubs, this means that if you get paid once a month we need 1 pay stub, bi-weekly would require 2 pay stubs and if you get paid weekly you would need to send in 4 pay stubs.
    7.   If self-employed you must submit 2 years tax returns. or 3-6 months bank statements
    8. Must provide all landlord contact information for the past 3-5 years of residency. If you are currently or have been in the past with a Property Management Company we need you to please provide your rental ledger.
    9. Combined net monthly income must be at least 2.5 times the amount of rent.
    10. Credit is on a case by case basis. Low credit may require additional deposit. 
    11. The minimum credit score for a cosigner/guarantor is of 700 or above and meet all other application requirements.
  2. Your application will be denied if:
    1. Evictions have been filed in the past 5 years.
    2. A balance is owed to previous landlords.
    3. Negative landlord references or consistent late rent payments will be grounds for denial.
    4. Criminal records and convictions may be grounds for denial, registered sex offenders will be grounds for denial.
    5. Your credit or the combined credit of all applicants is 100 points lower than the required credit for a property you are applying for. 
    6. Bankruptcy MUST be dismissed or discharged for at least 6 months.
    7. You, your roommate(s), guest(s), or family member demonstrate or have demonstrated aggressive, obnoxious, or objectionable behavior to any of our staff.